Ahmet Acar

Energy Analyst

Ahmet Acar works as an Energy Analyst at Shura Energy Transition Center. He worked as a project manager and consultant about energy efficiency, sustainable cities, ecologic buildings, renewable energy and building digitalization in various projects with partnerships between 2017-2019. He also worked as a business developer to Ekodenge based in London and Ankara on climate change and H2020 Cloud Based Building Efficiency projects. He was involved in LCA based sustainable material researches with European local governments and sectoral stakeholders. He managed EU funded Build Upon – Buildings Energy Efficient Renovation project in Turkish Green Building Council in collaboration with government, private sector, academia, financial institutions and NGOs between 2015-2017. He did building sustainability consultancy in various companies before 2015. He also conducted UK based research projects adapted to Turkey for different industries.

After completing Galatasaray High School, Ahmet Acar had BSc degree in METU Civil Engineering and MSc in University of Reading Project Management School.