SHURA’s monthly publication SHURASTAT aims to draw attention to issues related to energy transition with figures and data selected from nationally and internationally recognized sources. SHURASTAT allows for comparisons between Turkey and the World, providing brief comments and information in order to arouse curiosity and motivate its readers for further research and discussion . The first issue of SHURASTAT was published in February 2019.


SHURASTAT Issue 32 deals with the need for progress in energy efficiency in accordance with the net-zero emission target. Globally, a three-fold increase is required by 2030 in the rate of energy intensity improvement and the level of efficiency investments.


SHURASTAT Issue 31 deals with the current situation in global energy employment and probable changes to be experienced with the energy transition based on data provided by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Actions related to the net zero emission target are expected to create significant employment opportunities in the energy sector.


SHURASTAT Issue 30 deals with renewable energy capacity auctions in the world and in Turkey. Prices in capacity auctions, which has become a common method for determining renewable energy guaranteed prices, reflect current and expected energy costs as well as the level of competition among the bidders.


SHURASTAT, the monthly publication which aims to draw attention to energy transition related issues by displaying data and figures from generally accepted national and international sources, is now available in English starting with the current issue. Issue 29 deals with the effect of rising commodity prices on investment costs and competitiveness of renewable energy. While high commodity prices cause an increase in renewable energy investment expenditures, competitive advantage vis-a-vis fossil fuel power plants is maintained.